Open order event
Order execution
Exchange rates
General info
Order execution
Order books

Public market data

REST & WebSockets
  • General info for supported: Currencies, Markets & Exchanges
  • Trades (Historical & Realtime)
  • Order books (Historical & Realtime)
  • Price tickers (Realtime Exchange rates)
  • Order book tickers (Realtime Quotes)
  • Aggregated historical trades (OHLCV)
  • List market/currency order filters, such as min/max price, lot size, etc.

Private account actions & events

REST, Websocket & Webhooks
  • Market/Limit Order execution
  • New & Existing Open order change events
  • List open orders and cancel at any time
  • List order trades
  • Available balance list
  • List Order execution fee's applied for current exchange account

How does Exchange Gate help businesses bootstrap faster?


Each exchange has its own API interface, documentation, fixed rate limits


We provide well documented unified API to access them all, according your subscription selected limits


Huge development and infrastructure costs to integrate and maintain market data, many exchanges don't provide historical market data at all


Use our API to fetch historical and stream realtime market data, pay as you go, no specific infrastructure required


Complex engineering skills required to cover Performance, Integrity, Reliability and Availability for business critical accessibility experience


We focus on low latency, Guarantees for ordering and delivery, Fault tolerant at regional and global level and Transparent infrastructure design for extreme scale and service uptime

Ready to get started?

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We bring the most advanced solution to connect with Blockchains and Cryptocurrency exchanges, that lets you focus on your business.
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